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We're looking for everyday people who are willing to share something, to talk about journeys, loves, decisions, adventures, regrets, secrets, losses and lessons learnt. We all have these stories: all it takes is for someone to ask and for someone to listen.

It's simple - we come to you whenever and wherever is convenient. Eva records on a handheld device, so there's no need to come to a studio. We can even record you remotely, if you are abroad. Meanwhile, a photographer might arrange to snap you on your way to buy a bunch of bananas, whilst you're walking your dog or lying on the sofa at home. It's not a complicated photoshoot, just five minutes somewhere that works for you. 

We know that some people have a story but may want to remain anonymous. We can do that - we won't disclose your name anywhere and we have clever ways of taking your photo that keeps your identity private.