Everyone Else is a photographic podcast from Eva Krysiak, an audio producer from London who found herself chasing people in the street.  

The project looks to humanise strangers and make us more open to and curious about the people we do not know, those who look different, or that are living lives much different from our own. 

Eva works at the Guardian, BBC and with a variety of independent audio makers. She gets into trouble for being too inquisitive about people, but is happy to have found a justification for her question-asking. She collects the audio for Everyone Else by asking strangers to tell her their experiences, loves, decisions, secrets, journeys and lessons learnt in life.

The portraits are taken by a number of likeminded photographers with whom Everyone Else collaborates. They seek to capture something permanent in strangers and to make us stop and notice the people we ride the bus next to, buy our milk from or hurry past every day. Sometimes Everyone Else's photographers can't be there to take portraits - the ones with the rounded edges are Eva's substitutes.